2022 Vision Awards Ceremony

Society Award accepted by Bonnie O’Meara and Laura Cannivan Hayes for their work on a children's cartoon which has blind and vision impaired characters


The annual NCBI Vision Awards were established in 2021 to recognise individuals and organisations for their leadership and example in helping to establish a more inclusive society for people who are blind and vision impaired.

By identifying and celebrating the contribution of pioneers and advocates, NCBI aims to hold up examples of good practice and to invite others to consider how they might extend their own actions in key areas.  The NCBI Vision Awards take a ‘whole of society’ perspective consistent with NCBI Strategic Plan. Following the success of the Vision Awards in 2021, the number of categories were expanded.

Over 50 nominations were received across all categories. An award ceremony was recently held in Iveagh Gardens Hotel, Dublin 2 where all winners received bespoke piece of tactile art designed by vision impaired artist Camille Peate.

The categories and 2022 winners were:

‘Visible Difference’ Industry:  Visible Difference Industry Award which was accepted by Michelle O’Rourke and Katie Martin from An Post

The Industry Award recognises exemplary contribution by a company or organisation in creating inclusive recruitment processes and workplaces for people who are blind or vision impaired.  Awards will include those who have demonstrated an understanding of the needs of people living with sight loss, have adopted inclusive workplace practices or are involved in NCBI’s Workplace Partners Programme.

Winner: An Post for undertaking extensive awareness training and amending their recruitment practices to be more inclusive.

IA Labs – Digital Equality and Inclusion Award Digital Equality and Inclusion Award is awarded by Kyran O'Mahony to Kerry Holihan, Sam Sorensen, David Williams and Viktorija Bilyte from SEAI

This award recognises the strides undertaken by individuals and companies to ensure improved digital inclusion on websites and mobile applications for the benefit of all people with disabilities. The goal being attaining full compliance with WACG 2.1 standards in digital accessibility rather than it being an aspiration.

Winner: SEAI (Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland) for investing in amending their website to make it accessible to all its users.

Accessibility in the Built Environment Award

This award, sponsored by NCBI’s Possibility Labs, recognises individuals and companies who are proactive in planning, building or changing the built environment, transportation network or shared spaces to ensure they are fully accessible to people who are blind or vision impaired. Those who have demonstrated they are champions of best practice or pioneers in inclusivity will be considered.

Winner: Paul O’Rahilly (NCBI Access Ambassador and Service User) for working tirelessly with Kilkenny Co.Co. sharing his insights and recommendations to ensure new Abbey Quarter is fully inclusive and accessible.

Sustainability:  Sustainability Award is accepted by Ash Quinn who is photographed with NCBI head of Retail Beverley Scallan

This award demonstrates the work of individuals’ or companies’ commitment to sustainability and the circular economy. It will award those who have supported NCBI retail’s strong ethos of sustainability through their generous donations, Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives or being proactive in their actions to promote sustainable fashion over fast fashion.

Winner: Thriftify for partnering with NCBI and other charity shops to sell their stock online thereby lengthening the life cycle of stock and being a realistic alternative source of sustainable fashion.


The Society Award recognises individuals and organisations engaged in health, social care, the arts, cultural and sporting arena and who have pioneered excellence in the provision of care or inclusion for people with vision impairment.  This will include those in clinical settings, community care settings, media, theatre, cinema, cultural institutions, and sporting bodies.  The Society Award will recognise those promoting access and inclusion as well as programmes aimed at professional and competition level.

Winner: Turnip and Duck, production company for creating Maddie and Triggs, children’s podcast that features a young visually impaired girl and her dog exploring the world around them through sound.

Individual Award Sean Byrne accepts his Individual Vision Award and is holding the framed tactile artwork which he was presented with

This award recognises the exemplary work of an individual, service user, advocate or volunteer in advancing the needs of people who are blind or vision impaired. Through using their time, skills or voice, this individual has shown commitment, compassion and understanding to ensuring people who are blind or vision impaired have the same rights and opportunities as everyone else.

Winner: Sean Byrne for being so active in so many NCBI activities from local advocacy networks, to peer support to participating in his local PPN. His ever obliging and positive attitude has proven invaluable to so many.

Team Award

The NCBI Team Award recognises the work and commitment of a staff Team across the NCBI Group / Services / Retail parts of the organisation. While all our staff do excellent work, this award is to a team who has consistency shown dedication, enthusiasm and eagerness to excel in what they do to support NCBI’s mission and values.


  • Services Team: Iona Resource Centre
  • Retail Team: Area Managers Team
  • Group Team: Reception Team