Public Expression of Interest for the Inclusive Access Advisory Group

What if people with a disability led public transport design?

This question is no longer blue sky thinking and will soon to be realised in Ireland with the development of the new Wayfinding Centre in Glasnevin, Dublin. NCBI with the support of the National Transport Authority are developing The Wayfinding Centre. The mission of The Wayfinding Centre is to empower people and possibility through experience, mobility and transportation.

To do this, the unique centre will provide a safe, controlled space for individuals to familiarise with the various modes of transport that exist in Ireland. It will also focus on the experience of passengers and pedestrians with access needs and disabilities, understanding the intersection between the importance of shared information across transport platforms, training for transport staff and the accessibility of travel system infrastructure.

The Wayfinding Centre is now calling for expression of interests from people with direct lived experience of disability or their carers, those who have an access need as well as those with relevant expertise to join the centre’s Inclusive Access Advisory Group (IAAG). This group will feed into the programme of work of the centre and long-term ambition to solve the most pressing real-world challenges in the area of access to public transport and the streetscape that links an individual’s whole journey together. The Wayfinding Centre is aiming to deliver bold and life-changing innovations designed for and by people with access needs or disabilities, connecting the community in a collaborative space with transport operators, local authorities, academics, industry and social organisations, ultimately informing research, universal design and policy development.

The Wayfinding Centre is seeking to challenge and disrupt the environmental, attitudinal, systemic and physical barriers that limit participation and access to public transportation across Ireland. Through this project, we will have an opportunity to co-design research with people who have an access need or disability, something that could likely impact each and every citizen in the future.


The Wayfinding Centre is committed to:

  • A collective and creative vision for the future built by uniting experts from diverse sectors and disciplines in a collaborative solution-focused community.
  • Sustainable solutions designed with stakeholders, through genuine, authentic relationships with individuals with disability, world-class industry leaders and the community.
  • Ambitious, ethical solutions to the most important and long-standing challenges faced by people with disability.
  • Equitable and open access to life-changing innovations, knowledge and evidence.


Interested candidates for the Inclusive Access Advisory Group can access additional information here and make an application by submitting their CV and cover letter by the deadline to


Vacancies available – 15


Closing Date for Expression of Interest – 5 pm on May 19th, 2022

All other stakeholders are encouraged to make a submission to the online consultation via