Impact Of Our Work

Inspired by the determination to overcome any obstacle, NCBI transforms the lives of people who are blind or vision impaired to deliver tangible change to today’s needs.

We offer timely information and support, relevant technology and innovative programmes to sustain those with a vision impairment in education, in the workplace, and in wider society.

Image of Ciaran OBrien, Margaret Kearney and David Kortukohun
Image of David and Thomas chatting

David Kortukohun

“If the resources are there we can achieve anything we want to do.”

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Ciaran Obrien in EuroDisney

Ciaran O’Brian

“While Albinism will always be a part of me, it will never define me.”

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Image of Margaret reading using magnifier

Margaret Kearney

“Little things like I never knew what time it was as I couldn’t see the clock and now I’ve a talking clock which tells me the time and date.”

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