David Kortukohun

In 2010, I was diagnosed with an aggressive form of Glaucoma. The pressure in my eyes was very high and fluctuating so I had to have a few eye operations to reduce the pressure. Since my diagnosis I have lost about 70% of my vision.

Following my initial assessment with NCBI, I have availed of multiple services. Doing the mobility training showed me how to use a cane and the different types of canes that would suit my needs. Since then it has been really helpful to me giving me more confidence and independence.

I was eager to go back to work but had to retrain myself due to the severity of my eye sight. I joined the Training Centre. I did a computer course and others. It was really excellent as it allowed me to discover my other skills, passions and treasures within me. Lack of confidence is common among people who are visually impaired so the training centre allows you to identify those other skills and let them flourish so you can adapt to your new life.

I found I had the ability to talk to people on the phone, counsel them on my personal experience and tell them to look beyond their diagnosis and focus on a goal they want to achieve. There are people who have other disabilities and achieve great things so why can’t blind people. What we need is public and political support, if the resources are there we can achieve anything we want to do. It is society that is making us more disabled because they are not giving us the resources we need.

If the resources are there we can achieve anything.


Two men enjoying a conversation

“I come to the Iona centre once a week, I go to the gym to get myself physically, emotionally and mentally fit. I am getting involved in so many activities of NCBI because the truth is nobody speaks better for us than ourselves. We carry the problem and know how the problem affects us so we have to advocate for ourselves. I am enjoying all these new opportunities I am exposed to in NCBI.”