Our Structure

NCBI Services, NCBI Foundation, NCBI group, NCBI retail, Vision Sports

NCBI is made up of five independent yet inter-related companies: NCBI Group, NCBI Services, NCBI Retail, NCBI Charitable Foundation & Vision Sports. Each company is limited by guarantee and is a registered charity. The registered offices for all the companies are at Whitworth Road, Drumcondra, Dublin 9.

Governance Code

NCBI conducts its business in accordance with the rules, regulations and accountabilities which govern companies and charities in Ireland. All Community, Voluntary and Charitable Organisations have a responsibility to provide and follow a code of good practice when it comes to how their organisations are run.

NCBI abides by and is fully compliant with the Charities Regulator Governance Code.

NCBI also subscribes to the Statement of Guiding Principles for Fundraising. You can find out more about NCBI’s fundraising standards here.

NCBI Board Members

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NCBI Senior Leadership Team

Find out the contact details of our current Senior Leadership Team.


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