Access4All – Audio Sport Commentary Survey

Access for All Banner - photograph of Croke Park

Do you have sight loss or another disability, and want to be able to access and support your local sports team?

We are currently seeking expressions of interest in our national and local sport audio commentary services.

Express your interest in NCBI’s Access4All Audio Sport Commentary service for the sport your choosing via the online survey available at

Survey closes December 13th 2019.


Access4All is an initiative by the Iona Resource Centre in Dumcondra.

The IRC recognises the impact that sight loss can have on person’s physical and mental health and the valuable role that a day service can provide in offsetting the burden that visual impairment can bring on the individual.

People with visual impairment are 7 time more likely to suffer from depression and mental health concerns and this can exacerbate feelings of isolation. Many people who have a visual impairment often feel socially restricted, as they may not feel confident enough to access public transport, go to the shops or go out to meet people.  One’s world can suddenly become very small.

NCBI recognise that such isolation can be found amongst other vulnerable groups. Through our Connected Communities Initiative and Access4All, NCBI is aiming to ensure that everyone, regardless of disability has the right and opportunity to access sporting/spectator events in their local community.

For more information, please contact IRC Manager, Maggie Richardson on 086 606 3112, or