Accessing our services


Initially, your Community Resource Worker (CRW) will contact you to gather some information regarding your eye condition and how you are managing with various tasks. An appointment will then be made for you to complete a functional vision assessment to assess your level of residual vision and identify areas for intervention. Intervention may include the provision of low vision aids such as a magnifier for reading or filter glasses to reduce glare, providing information and advice on benefits and entitlements, or referring to other services within NCBI such as the Counselling Service or Orientation and Mobility Training.

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Assessments and Practical Supports

When you are referred to NCBI you will be contacted and brought through two assessments. The initial assessment is over the phone. This is an information gathering assessment and you will be asked questions about:

  • Your eye condition and ocular history
  • Other medical diagnoses
  • Current supports in place
  • Impact of vision loss on
  • reading
  • communication
  • writing
  • technology use
  • personal care
  • home care
  • leisure
  • mobility indoor and outdoor
  • coping emotionally with sight loss

The second assessment is a functional vision assessment. An appointment will be made for you to meet your CRW in an NCBI centre. This is a comprehensive practical assessment comprising the following tests:

  • Your distance sight will be tested using a type of chart called a Logmar chart.
  • Your field of vision will be tested using stationary or moving targets. Field of vision is the total area one sees in a single view without movement of the eyes or head.
  • A near vision assessment will be carried out using a reading chart to predict the strength of magnification which may be beneficial for you.
  • Following a discussion with you about colour contrast and glare, your CRW may carry out a contrast sensitivity assessment or an assessment for glare filters. Your CRW will trial using task lighting during the assessment and give you advice on the importance of lighting generally and for tasks.

Your CRW will give you information and advice about Benefits and Entitlements during this assessment also.

You will have the opportunity to trial various magnifiers, filter glasses, and other relevant low vision aids during this assessment. Should you require further assessment at this stage, your CRW will arrange this with you. For example, you may require an Orientation and Mobility assessment. Your CRW may refer you to other services within NCBI, such as the library, counselling service, or employment service, should you wish to avail of these.