All you need to know about the Tactile Ballot Paper Template

Image of the tactile ballot paper

The tactile ballot templates will be used in referenda from this year, allowing people with sight loss to vote in secret for the first time.

The Department of Housing, Planning and Local Government consulted with NCBI on the design of the template and we are pleased to say that they have taken on board our recommendations. People with sight loss were also consulted during this process.

The tactile template sticks onto the ballot paper and features:

  • Clear and non-decorative lettering
  • Large print
  • Good colour contrast
  • Raised up letters
  • Braille
  • The cut out sections have a black border in order to assist people to find where to mark their vote.

The template will be available on request at the next referendum. If you have a vision impairment, you can ask a polling station staff member to provide the ballot paper template and if needed, for assistance to use it. The Franchise section is providing NCBI will templates so that people with vision impairment can try them out in advance of the referendum. A sample template will be available to test out in each NCBI office nationwide.

Get in touch with your local NCBI office if you would like a demonstration of the new template or if you live in the Dublin area, come to our information session in NCBI Training Centre on the 26th of March from 5.30-7.30 pm.

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Fiona Kelty, NCBI Access Officer demonstrates the Tactile Ballot Paper template to Claire Whelan, Braille Tutor.