Photo of Anthony Roche

65 Year old Anthony Roche from Cork is so looking forward to participating in the NCBI Camino De Santiago, he has already bought his walking boots!

The former Teacher who was born with impaired vision says, “NCBI is a tremendous cause and I am delighted to be in a position to be able to do this Camino in September. I was born with squints but I was able to study, go on to UCC and get my Maths and Physics degree so I had a good career. The NCBI puts such emphasis on education and independent living which is so vitally important. Now of course technology is the great enabler for people with sight loss, and the NCBI has a dedicated technology department which is great for people to learn and get to grips with all the advances”.

“Like all charities today, the NCBI has to raise big funds to do the work it does and so I would urge people to get their walking boots on and join us! It’s going to be a great adventure, I am so excited. “I walk every day of my life, so the Camino will just be a longer walk! I have never been to Spain before and I believe I am going for the best possible reason, the NCBI”.

If you would like to join Anthony and the other participants on the NCBI Camino please contact