Communication Solutions


Different types of communication can be made accessible by using low vision aids or by learning new techniques such as eccentric viewing or scanning. Magnification can be a useful tool for someone with low vision in order to read texts, read their bills and letters or keep up to date with the newspapers. Hand held magnifiers, stand magnifiers, digital magnifiers and accessible phones are available in our online shop and trialling this equipment is an important part of our initial assessment when you are referred to NCBI.

Through NCBI Labs, we also offer smartphone accessibility training, digital skills training to enable access to your laptop and tablet devices and writing solutions from simple aids such as a signature guide to learning new writing techniques. Your Community Resource Worker is available to assist you with communication solutions throughout your journey with sight loss.

Service user using a magnifying glass to see a card

NCBI has helped with daily aids like a talking watch, hand held magnifying glass, bump marks on appliances and electronic magnifier. Essentially, it is giving me my independence to look after my own affairs without having to rely on family”. Michael