Fundamentals in Assistive Technology Course 2018

Young woman sitting at desk next to computer screen that reads "Assistive Technology Online Courses"

Are you interested in learning about assistive technology for people with vision impairment?

Whether you’re an assistive technology user, a parent/family member, an educator, or just someone with a general interest in this area, this training course will help you get the most out of what technology can offer.

This e-learning course will be delivered primarily online in combination with a select number of on-site face to face training days at NCBI’s National Training Centre in Drumcondra, Dublin 9. Upon completion, participants will be able to:

  • Understand what is meant by the term “assistive technology”.
  • Demonstrate an awareness of a range of technological solutions (both assistive and mainstream) and their application in the lives of people with impaired vision.
  • Understand other students’ experiences with assistive technology through the course’s online discussion forum and face to face training days.
  • Develop a specialist interest in at least one aspect of assistive technology for people with sight loss.


In September of 2017, NCBI launched its first ever online training programme, entitled ‘Fundamentals in Assistive Technology’. The course, an initiative of NCBI’s Technology Specialist Team, was designed to provide a broad overview of assistive technologies used by people with impaired vision and ran over 12 weeks. Students learned how assistive and mainstream technologies can work together to provide access to solutions in environments including education, work and leisure. It was primarily delivered online alongside two on-site training days where students were given a chance to try out a significant amount of the technology that featured in the course for themselves.

More Information & Register Your Interest

For more information or if you are interested in participating in the next Fundamentals in Assistive Technology Course taking place in 2018 please contact NCBI today. You can call Stuart Lawler or JP Corcoran in NCBI on 018307033.