Fundraising events

Top tips to make your fundraising event a success

Whether you’re a first-time fundraiser or a seasoned professional we are delighted to have you on board!

We have outlined some of our top tips below to help you ensure your fundraiser is a success!

  • Set a fundraising goal: Having a target to reach is a great motivator to you and anyone helping you to help reach your goal!
  • Budget: Know your budget and set targets for your income. Find as many ways as possible for the event to make money. Seek sponsorship in kind for things like your venue, facilities and prizes if your event is happening somewhere like a business, pub or restaurant.
  •  Pick an appealing theme or activity that people will be glad to get involved in, then find the ideal spot to suit.
  • Date: Pick a date and time that will suit as many people as possible – and do your best to avoid clashes.
  • Guests: Consider who your event is aimed at, who to invite and whether you want to put an upper or lower limit on numbers attending.
  • Planning: Give yourself plenty of time to get everything done. Keep safety in mind and carry out a risk assessment if needs be.
  • Get the word out! Use every channel available to tell people about your event. Be sure to reach the right people. Tell everyone you know about your fundraiser event: by phone, by email, across your social media profiles. You can also advertise your event contact for poster and sponsorship cards.


Online Fundraising

Fundraising online is a quick and easy to spread the word about your fundraiser and easily and safely collect donations from your family and friends.  There are plenty of digital fundraising platforms such as Justgiving, idonate, Gofundme etc. We find JustGiving to be the simplest as it transfers your funds to us on a monthly basis so you don’t have to worry about it!

Why fundraise online?

  • Saves the environment – As it’s all online we no longer have to get paper sponsorship cards printed which is great for the environment!
  • Cuts down on cost - By fundraising online, you are allowing us to lower our costs on printing sponsorship cards and postage. This means that more of the funds you raise go towards supporting people who are blind or vision impaired in Ireland.
  • Wider reach - Online fundraising allows you to reach family and friends near and far, reach out to your friends in Australia, America etc. and get them to support your cause.
  • It’s instantaneous! By collecting donations online, you don’t have to worry about holding large sums of money or lodging the money you raise–this all happens automatically.

JustGiving transfers your funds to us on a monthly basis so you don’t have to worry about it!


Did you know you can support NCBI on Facebook?

Facebook makes it possible for you to support your favourite causes and charities by raising money online.

Raising funds on Facebook is safe, easy and money is transferred automatically to the NCBI so you don’t have to do a thing – except ask!

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