How to add a Signature to an Email in Microsoft Outlook

Outlook logo next to text that reads "How to Add a Signature"

by Joe Lonergan

Adding a signature to an email can be a useful resource and a timesaver. Your signature can include your name, phone number, website address or links to your social media channels or some people might decide to put in their name followed by one of their favourite quotes, note, this is usually more suited to personal email accounts.

To add a signature to an email, do the following:

  1. Open Outlook and compose a new email
  2. Press Alt + N followed by A, S, S, and this will bring you into the signature and stationary area.
  3. Press Alt + N for new signature, if you are a screen reader user you will hear type in a name for the signature, type in something like work and tab to ok.
  4. Tab through the options and choose the areas you would like to include your signature, for example new messages or replys / forward.
  5. Tab to edit signature and type in the signature you would like to appear at the end of your e mail messages

Some people like to create the signature in a Word document before they start so they can copy and paste the signature into the edit signature box

6. When done tab to OK and enter.