How to Rename your AirPods to make them more identifiable

Set of AirPods

Whether you want your AirPods to be more identifiable when you’re looking through your Bluetooth connections, or want to give them to someone else, here is how to rename them all.

When you pair your AirPods with your iPhone they will automatically use the name registered with your iPhone, for example if your iPhone’s name is Joe’s iPhone your AirPods will be called Joe’s AirPods.

You might want to change the name for a number of reasons, there might be more than one Joe in the house, or you may want them to have a different name to make them easier to find with the Find My app or you might even want them renamed for privacy reasons.

Note, you need to have the AirPods in your ear for the advanced settings to show up.

To rename your AirPods go to Settings and then Bluetooth. If you are a VoiceOver user flick right to your AirPods, then go to the More Info icon, flick down with one finger until you hear more info and double tap to reveal advanced options.

Then tap on the current name of the AirPods. Now clear the current name and type in your preferred new name for your AirPods.

And that’s it! Renaming your AirPods is a great way to creatively and practically personalize your devices. Regardless of your technical skills, by following these steps, you’ll be able to rename your AirPods in minutes and as many times as you’d like.