How to Send a ‘View Once’ Photo on WhatsApp

Smartphone with WhatsApp app open on screen.

 by Joe Lonergan

WhatsApp has introduced a view once feature for photos and videos.

For a while now WhatsApp has become the main messaging service for some of us and it is used to send a lot of photos and other digital media but sometimes you might want to send a photo but you do not want it to become a permanent digital record.

This can be the case for a couple of reasons. Firstly there is no need for some photos to be taking up space in your or the recipient’s camera roll, and more importantly you might need some photos to be only viewed once for privacy reasons.

This feature may come in handy if you wanted to send a picture of an outfit or shirt you are wearing to your sighted friend and you would like their opinion on it or would like to check if colours are matching. Other use cases might include sending sensitive information like a WiFi code or a pin code of some sort. Note, the person receiving the view once photo cannot share it or screenshot it.

So how do we do it?

Go to a chat in WhatsApp.
Navigate to Share Media and tap on it.
In here you will get options to share directly from the camera, access the photo and video library, share document and more. For example if you go to camera and decide to take a quick photo you will get the option to give it a caption (like does this look good on me), after you have completed the caption, you will come to turn on view once, tap on it to turn it on.
Now tap Send to send the photo.
It will appear in your chat as a view once photo.
After the recipient has viewed it once the photo will disappear.