How to Send Messages Automatically with Siri

Text 'Siri' in front of iPhone

When sending messages with Siri you usually get a response from the assistant which reads back the message and asks you if you would like to send it. You can respond with yes or no, or even change it.

For some people, this confirmation question from Siri adds an extra step and removes one of the reasons for using Siri in the first place, sending a quick message.

If you are really comfortable using Siri and would like to remove this confirmation step do the following

  1. Go to Settings and go to Siri & Search
  2. Tap on automatically send messages
  3. Toggle this setting on

While in this area it will give you a brief description of the feature.
Note, it is probably better not to use this feature for important business messages as Siri can make mistakes and you won’t get a chance to review before sending.

For more important or longer messages use the dictate button inside the message field or just type the message. If you are happy with the confirmation step from Siri leave the setting alone.