Improve the security of your home with smart home technology

Sketch of hand holding a phone next to a house

by Joe Lonergan

We will start by saying any form of off the shelf smart home devices should never replace professionally installed home security alarm systems. But there is devices out there from companies like Amazon, Ring, and Google that can help your security and peace of mind. We will give some examples below.

Ring Video Doorbell

You could start by installing a Ring Video Doorbell.

When a visitor presses the Ring Video Doorbell it rings like any other doorbell, but you get a notification on your smart phone through the Ring app. You can tap on that notification and check who is outside before you answer the door. You can speak to them through the built in Microphone and ask who it is before you open the door.

You can also link the Ring Video Doorbell with your smart speaker and your Fire TV Stick. Then you can check the front door with your voice by saying commands like “Alexa talk to the front door” and have a conversation with the visitor outside.

Another useful command you can use especially if you have some vision is “Alexa show me the front door on the Fire TV”. Then the camera view from your front door will appear on your big screen TV. You can imagine how this will give you more control and peace of mind before you answer the door.

You can talk to delivery men when you are away from home and tell them to leave the package in a secure place. You can turn on motion detection which will detect movement outside the front door, this can notify you when your family and kids arrive in from school or will detect unwanted movements which you can check out if you suspect something is wrong.

For added security you can subscribe to Ring Connect. If you want to make your garden or yard more secure you could install a Ring Spotlight cam plug-in, or the Floodlight Cam Wired Pro.

When you install one of the above products it gives you 3D Motion Detection, Audio+, and full HDR video to help provide pro-level security for your outdoor spaces. You will have the ability to have two-way talk and turn on a siren if you notice there is an intruder in your outdoor area.

You have options to change the viewing angle and purchase a recharge-able battery pack if there is no suitable outdoor power, there is even a solar version available.

If the camera detects motion, you will receive a notification on your phone. And again, if you subscribe to the Ring connect plan all movement or events will be recorded in the Ring cloud for you to observe at a later time.

The basic Ring connect plan is €3.99 per month, and Ring Connect Plus which covers all your devices, is €10 per month.

Ring Indoor Cam and Ring Stick Up Cam

If indoor is a security concern for you can install the ring indoor cam, this is a compact camera that brings smart security inside. Indoor Cam is a good solution to easily check what is happening at home. It is small enough to go almost anywhere, and it offers a simple plug-in installation option. Because it is so small it can be hidden in a bookshelf or behind a plant so an intruder will not try to rip it off the wall. It would also be a good option for having some security on a home office or other small areas like the dog kennels.

We concentrated on Amazon and Ring products above for purely example reasons, but you can easily purchase equivalent products from Google Nest such as the Google nest Hub, the Nest Cam, or the Google Nest Hello Video Doorbell.

You have the option to subscribe to Nest Aware which starts at €5 per month or €10 for Nest Aware Plus. Nest Aware Plus unlocks more days of event video history and 10 days of 24/7 video history.


So, whatever your situation, if you live in a house or an apartment or with your parents there are measures you can take using smart home technology to improve your security in your home. The options we mentioned are only a sample of what is available and are very affordable. It is also a good idea to be aware some of the products mentioned will be reduced in the coming week or so for Black Friday.