Labs Virtual Courses Update

Touch typing, Braille, and Smart Speakers

by Dereck Carolan

NCBI Labs has had another busy number of months on the virtual training front. The Labs team continues to develop and deliver virtual courses with demand being greater than ever.

All our courses start at Introduction Level and we are constantly adding to our course offerings to enable participants to develop their skills further by attending follow-up courses on their chosen accessible software.

The following is the list of Virtual Courses on offer:

Smart Speaker Courses – Amazon Echo + Google Nest

In these courses we explore the range of smart speakers available and how they can be used to help people who are blind or partially sighted. We cover creating timers, reminders, setting alarms, shopping lists, and initiating information searches by speaking to your device.

iPad Course

Every iPad has numerous built-in accessibility options that enables anyone with a visual impairment to use the device independently. These include the ability to speak to your device to request information, use of magnification and speech output to help read information displayed.

Touch Typing Course

Our Touch Typing Course is for anyone who would like to learn how to Touch Type. This absolute beginner’s course includes step by step, instructor-led training on the QWERTY keyboard, ergonomics, and correct posture, achieving accuracy and fluency. Participants will be provided with audio practice files throughout the training course. Participants will have the ability to Touch Typing by the end of the training.

Screen Reading Courses – JAWS & NVDA

Screen readers are software programs that allow blind or visually impaired users to read the text that is displayed on the computer screen with a speech synthesizer. We offer courses in both JAWS and NVDA, to of the more popular Screen Readers use on a standard Window PC. Using the power of of a Screen reader means that people with sight loss can continue to be active members of the digital society, enjoying access to a range of online services, as well as education and employment opportunities.

Uncontracted Braille Course

This 10-week course will introduce you to the Unified English Braille uncontracted code. You’ll learn to read and write the letters of the alphabet and numbers and you’ll develop an awareness of the broader English Braille code and how you can continue your learning at the end of this course if you so wish. The course is run virtually with one practical session.

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