NCBI Labs Technology Live Event 51 – Microsoft Soundscape

On this Live Event Special we find out about Microsoft Soundscape, an app that assists those who are blind or vision impaired to explore the world around them through a 3D audio experience.

As the next step on the journey to enabling a more accessible Ireland for all, Microsoft Ireland announced the availability of Soundscape on iOS on Tuesday 3rd August. NCBI are thrilled to partner with Microsoft for the launch and celebrate their 51st Labs Live Event with a special edition of Microsoft Soundscape.

The Live Event includes special guests from the Microsoft Soundscape Team, NCBI Labs Technology Trainers and the National Access & Mobility Manager Chantelle Smith. Each brings a unique perspective of the benefits of the Soundscape app and how it can empower people who are blind or vision impaired to independently navigate the world around them with confidence, and we’re thrilled that it’s finally available in Ireland.

Watch the Live Event on YouTube