NCBI Labs Technology Live Event 54

On the show this week we discuss the role technology can play in making the workplace a more inclusive environment for people with sight loss. What are some of the challenges faced when seeking or in employment, and what grants are available to fund the equipment needed? Joining us on Meet the Team to help answer these questions and more will be Maura Barry who works with the Employment and Vocation Service in NCBI.

We explore a range of CCTVs (closed circuit televisions) that enable many people with low vision to read printed materials. What are some of the key considerations when buying a CCTV? What other functions can they offer besides magnification? We’ll be finding out on the show.

Ahead of Apple’s ‘California Streaming’ event later today and Microsoft’s ‘Surface’ event next Wednesday, we find out what new devices we can look forward to being unveiled by these two tech giants.

Finally, we provide tips on how to control and manage your cookie settings in the Chrome browser.

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