Labs Virtual Training Courses

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It’s been a busy and productive number of months for the Training Team in NCBI Labs. In Autumn 2021, NCBI Labs launched several virtual training courses for both NCBI Staff and Service Users.

Courses for Service Users included:

  • Introduction to Smart Speaker (Amazon Dot)
  • Introduction to NVDA
  • Introduction to iOS
  • Introduction to Uncontracted Braille

Demand for the virtual courses is extremely high and waiting lists have formed quickly. Feedback was extremely positive and demand for further training was evident based on feedback received. The following are comments are sample reflection of what participants thought about the course.

“Well constructed and very hands on and motivating”
“Relaxed atmosphere encouraged participation”
“It’s online, so more relaxing with travel eliminated and listening to participants contributions”
“Started from basics and encouraged exploring features”
“Great that our Instructors are real and know all of us and try uplift and encourage where necessary. Most of us have very different entry points!”
“No time wasted on travel”
“Small group, it was explained in simple easy to understand language. It was explained and then a demo of it in use, theory & practical covered”

The following is a testimonial from the Uncontracted Braille Course:

“Imagine the ability to place your hand on a page and let the contents thereon flow through your fingertips and into your minds eye. This was something I imagined often and I wished for this ability to reach my fingertips one day. The NCBI adult Braille course enabled this wishful thinking of mine, to become a reality. While still a beginner, I have begun the journey of feeling the contents of a page and letting my fingers give my eyes a rest in telling me what’s in front of me. It’s incredible. At the beginning frustrating but ultimately rewarding, I could only recommend everyone take up this beautiful art and skill. Learning how to Braille I equate to learning how to play piano. To see it in action is so lovely, to do it, is even better! I have learned so much and of course I am still learning. I wouldn’t have it any other way. Thank you to the NCBI for once again opening up a new path of perspective and learning. It’s been brilliant!”

Internal Staff Training

Throughout the last year we have also run a number of Staff training sessions including:

  • Fundamentals in Assistive Technology
  • File Management
  • Word Accessibility
  • MS Teams Calendar
  • Intro to Excel

All courses were received very well and we would like to thank NCBI Staff for freeing up time in their busy schedules to participate so enthusiastically in the training we have provided.

Upcoming Virtual Training Courses

We are currently planning our Autumn schedule which we envisage will be equally as busy and productive. We are expanding our catalogue of courses so make sure to check out the upcoming events section on the NCBI website and the weekly NCBI Labs newsletter for details on upcoming courses.

Special mention to the NCBI Labs Training team whose hard work has made all the Virtual Training Course a success!!