NCBI welcomes Irish National Audit of Stroke Report as vision loss a major factor

February 2nd 2022 – NCBI (National Council for the Blind of Ireland) welcomes today’s launch of the Irish National Audit of Stroke Report as vision loss is often a major factor in the lives of stroke survivors. The release of the audit provides more up-to-date information about the prevalence of stroke in Ireland and provides the opportunity to assess how many stroke survivors may be living with sight loss and who may also need to access services offered by NCBI.

In its report, the National Council of Clinic Audit noted there are approximately 6000 strokes admitted to Irish hospitals each year, with over a quarter of those occurring in people under 65 years of age. The new research also found that 71% of ischaemic stroke cases had disabilities on discharge from hospital, while we know from previous research that up to 60% of people who experience a stroke also experience some form of vision loss.

June Tinsley, NCBI Head of Advocacy and Communications said: ‘NCBI works with stroke survivors across the country as vision loss is a common long-term side effect of having a stroke. Having this new information provided in the Irish National Audit of Stroke Report is vital to help ensure we are reaching as many stroke survivors as possible. Anyone can avail of our services to ensure we can support their adjustment to life with less vision and we offer a suite of rehabilitative, practical and emotional supports. Early intervention can make a significant difference to coping with the effects of having a stroke.’

Any person who wishes to learn more about what NCBI can offer in relation to vision loss acquired because of a stroke can find more information: