NCBI’s Eyes Online initiative

Tuesday 14th April 2020, National Council for the Blind of Ireland (NCBI) is delighted to launch its Eyes Online initiative. This programme calls for donations of old or disused laptops that can be repurposed to ensure all children and adults who are blind or visually impaired has access to technology they need to help them live more independently and stay connected with family and friends.

Chris White, NCBI CEO said “We know technology is an enabler yet the costs associated can be prohibitive for many of our service users. To help offset this, we are calling on individuals and companies to donate old or excess laptops to us which our IT team will then wipe clean and reconfigure for our service users. We urge individuals and companies to connect with us if they’ve recently upgraded their equipment or have excess equipment and we can arrange collection or delivery of it.

“These laptops would then be bought by our service users for of a nominal fee of €50 as well as guaranteed ongoing technology support to them from NCBI Labs if they wish to install specific software or need advice on latest apps. It is another way NCBI is responding to the Covid19 pandemic to ensure those living with sight loss get access to our services and the wealth of online resources that are there to help and support them.”

The reconditioned laptops will have a working camera and all key accessibility features on mainstream software activated for ease of use. Anyone wishing to donate a laptop can simply send an email to or call our helpline 1800 911 250.