Onkyo Braille Essay Competition

Image with text: essay contest

NCBI Library would like to invite Braille readers, producers or anyone interested in Braille to take part in the 12th Onkyo World Braille Essay Contest.

The Themes for the Braille competition include:

  • “The role of braille in furthering visually impaired people’s participation in political, economic, cultural, educational social and family life”. Braille in the age of technology, using braille at all ages, braille and voting, are but a few examples of how this theme may be addressed.
  • “Life with braille – we encourage teachers, transcribers, those who use braille in any way or who would like to use it, to write about the role of braille”. We encourage factual description of potential innovation, products and ideas for promoting braille throughout Europe.
  • “Amusing stories about Braille”
  • “The future of Braille”
  • “Advantages and disadvantages of braille compared with using speech synthesizers and recorded books and documents”
  • “Braille and art”
  • “Braille and music”
  • “Braille and access to tourism”

Authors are invited to give all themes their own imaginative interpretation and to be creative, using formats different from telling one’s life story, such as a letter, a poem, or an interview


  • Essay shall be submitted in digital format.
  • Participants may not submit more than one essay.
  • Essays submitted in a given year may not be submitted to the following contests.
  • Essays shall be in English or in the author’s national language.
  • Essays in the national language should be no fewer than 800 words and no more than 1000 words in length (with a 10% tolerance). At its own discretion the Jury may retain essays shorter than 800 words if justified by the use of special formats (letters, poems, etc.).

Essays shall carry the following mentions:

  • Name, surname, gender and age of participant,
  • Country,
  • Name of the EBU national member processing the entry,
  • Number of words in the national language.

Important: the above mentions should be inserted at the top of essays, before the title.

National members shall let EBU have the total number of essays submitted to them. Decisions of the Jury shall be final and shall not be subject to any appeal whatsoever.


By taking part in the contest, Authors shall assign automatically and exclusively to EBU worldwide all rights including copyright, and EBU may assign or license these rights. Authors shall allow EBU to use their name and their essays in publicity and for information purposes as EBU may require. As copyright holder, EBU may give permission to the authors and to their national members to make use of the essays as they see fit. Onkyo winners shall provide EBU with their photographs and shall entitle EBU to reproduce, adapt, edit and publish their photographs on any media, including web and print.

The winning participants will be announced on the 7th of September. We are looking forward to a successful World Braille Essay Contest 2018!


  • The best Otsuki prize (First Prize): 2,000 US dollars.
  • Excellent Works prize:

– Junior category (aged 25 and under): 1,000 US dollars.

– Senior category (aged 26 and up): 1,000 US dollars.

  • Fine Works prizes:

– Junior category (2 prizes): 500 US dollars each.

– Senior category (2 prizes): 500 US dollars each.

Participants shall submit their essays to the NCBI Library by the 8th of June 2018. A selection of Essays will be submitted to the EBU Jury for selection.  Please send entries to: Library@ncbi.ie