Accessible Voting

The right to vote independently, and in secret, is a basic right.

Following a High Court case in 2016, County Councils are now obliged by law to ensure that every polling station has the correct tactile voting template and large print ballot papers and that staff know how to use these.

The Department of Housing, Planning and Local Government have now developed tactile ballot paper templates for referenda as well as local, European, General and Presidential elections.

Each template one has clear and non-decorative lettering, large print, good colour contrast, raised up letters, Braille and the cut-out sections have a black border to assist people to find where to mark their vote. The templates will be used on the same ballot paper used by everyone.

The Department instructed County Councils to brief Presiding Officers on the different elements of the template and will give verbal directions before you enter the booth to mark the ballot paper.

NCBI have templates that you can “try out” before the next vote in each of our offices nationwide. Get in touch with your local NCBI office if you would like a demonstration of these templates.