Seeing Your Career

icon of a person using a long came and holding a briefcase

NCBI launched a new suite of resources aimed at tackling the challenges faced by people who are blind or vision impaired when trying to obtain or retain employment.  

NCBI recognises that being in employment is important for much more than just financial stability. Employment can boost your self-esteem, your health and happiness. It is a crucial element of maximizing a person’s independence which is core to all of the work undertaken by NCBI. 


  • The Seeing Your Career Report, based on the experiences of service users and international best practice, examines the challenges faced such as employer perceptions, insufficient statutory supports and inaccessible recruitment processes.    The Report contains a suite of recommendations that, if implemented, will drastically increase the current levels of employment for people who are blind and vision impairment which currently stands at 24%.  


  • In addition to the Report, NCBI is also launching a Guidelines for Employers, written by Service Users who are members of the Employment Advocacy Network. These Guidelines were designed to provide employers with a general awareness and guidance on the specific needs of employees and prospective employees who are blind or vision impaired. An accompanying guide outlines the grants available to employers to hire more people with sight loss. 


  • Also available is the Guide for Jobseekers which highlights a variety of supports and services that are offered by NCBI to support job seekers on their employment journey.