NCBI’s Possibility Lab officially launches at the Change This Space Seminar

The Possibility Lab logo has a light bulb design on the left. The lightbulb has three circles along its rim and they are a orange, light green and dark green. The words Possibility Lab are to the right of the bulb and possibility is in light green and Lab is in dark green.

17th October 2022 – NCBI’s Possibility Lab has today launched as Ireland’s newest bespoke access consultancy, training and research service. Working with key professional such as architects, planners, designers and engineers across the private, public and voluntary sectors, NCBI’s Possibility Lab aims to engage and share the vision of a barrier-free, accessible and inclusive society.

As a team of access and mobility specialists, NCBI’s Possibility Lab aims to deliver innovative solutions through partnership with key stakeholders, persons with disabilities and businesses to improve accessibility outcomes in all public spaces.

NCBI’s National Access and Mobility Manager at the Wayfinding Centre and Possibility Lab, Chantelle Smith, spoke to the Possibility Lab’s mission at the launch, ‘Accessibility isn’t about convenience or barriers, it’s about ensuring that all people feel empowered and able to engage in society equally. As we launch NCBI’s Possibility Lab, we begin a journey to engage key stakeholders to make Ireland’s physical and built environments accessible and available to all people with access needs.

“Through innovative uses of technology backed with co-designed solutions and user testing, the possibilities for our current and future infrastructure are truly endless – but, those possibilities must work for everyone. We have a big job ahead of us, but it is vital to take the first step.”

The launch of NCBI’s Possibility Lab was celebrated with the inaugural online ‘Change This Space’ seminar on October 17th.

The seminar featuring global leaders speaking on accessibility and inclusive design in the built environment for people who are blind or vision impaired, will be available at shortly after the event.