Bespoke Training Solutions

NCBI’s Possibility Lab offers Disability Awareness Training to design professionals, contractors, facility managers and policy makers, equipping your team to design, build and maintain an inclusive world for people who are blind or vision impaired.

Training content is presented by our access experts, supported with reference to recognised standards and best practice guidance and complemented by the lived experiences of NCBI’s Access Ambassadors.

Delegates who attend Disability Awareness Training will develop their awareness of:

  • The models of disability and relevant legislation.
  • Some of the most common sensory, physical and cognitive impairments, including mental health conditions and disabilities acquired at different life stages.
  • The practical implications of such impairments for access to information and access and mobility in a range of built environments.
  • Disability etiquette, including appropriate language and behaviour.
  • Best practice to ensure our built environment is universally accessible and inclusive.
  • Available physical and digital solutions, including established and emerging Assistive Technologies, which may be used to enhance accessibility and user experience.

Training can be delivered either in-person or remotely, with format and content tailored to suit your team’s learning preferences and objectives.

While training in all formats is designed to meet the learning objectives, our in-person training can also incorporate practical and immersive content:

  • Practical Sighted Guide training.
  • Experiential walks simulating different eye conditions and making use of a range of mobility aids.
  • Immersive virtual reality experiences, making use of Empatheyes VR headsets to simulate dynamic internal and external environments and how different conditions in those settings are experienced by people with a range of vision impairments.

Eligible organisations may avail of grant relief to cover up to 90% of costs for our Disability Awareness Training. NCBI’s Possibility Lab can assist with and support applications for grant funding. For more information please email