Doro 6620 Mobile Phone

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With the Doro 6620 you’ll enjoy easier calling, messaging, picture taking and more thanks to widely separated, high contrast keys and a large 2.8″ screen. It also combines great sound with soft touch coating and many additional features including e-mail, web browser, Assistance button and Hearing Aid Compatibility.


  • Email
  • Camera resolution (megapixel)
  • Internet
  • Talking keys
  • Visual ring indicator
  • Assistance button
  • My Doro Manager
  • Speakerphone
  • Loud and clear sound

Size: Small

Weight: 108g

Storage: 75 MB

Operating System: Proprietary OS

Screen Dimension: 103.9 x 55.1 19.2 mm

Weight: 108g

Storage: 75 MB

Processor: Single Core Arm Processor

Rear Facing Camera Megapixels: 2MP



Doro 6620 – A Compact, Amplified Mobile

The Doro 6620 is both simple to use and designed with the visually impaired and those hearing loss in mind. When it comes to extra loud mobile phones, the clamshell Doro 6620 is both compact and easy to use. Not only does it offer clear, amplified receiver volume of up to 35dB; it also provides talking, backlit keys, a large, high-contrast 2.8′ screen, and vibrating visual ringer indicator.

Easing Communication for All

The Doro 6620 makes communicating an effortless, pleasurable experience for those with a visual or hearing impairment. You can e-mail your friends, browse the web and even take photos or videos to record those special moments. The assistance button provides a sense of security, knowing that in an emergency, there’s just one key to press – making it ideal for the elderly.

The extra loud Doro 6620 with its large screen and high-quality sound ensure text messages are easy to read and conversations are clear. It also comes supplied with a soft touch coating for an easy grip.


  • 35dB voice volume (about 10 times louder than a standard mobile)
  • 83dB ringer volume (about 5 times louder than a standard mobile)
  • 7 Volume settings
  • Tone control
  • Microphone mute
  • Hearing Aid Compatibility Rating T4/M4 (compatible using the ‘T’ setting

Main Features:

  • Visual ring indicator
  • Speakerphone
  • Assistance button
  • Backlit keypad
  • Keytone
  • 4 one-touch speed dials
  • Phonebook: 500 names and numbers
  • Receive and send SMS/MMS
  • Predictive text
  • Startup wizard – a great feature which guides you through phone menu and functions
  • 22 polyphonic ringtones
  • Vibrating ringer
  • Camera 2 Megapixel
  • Email
  • Internet
  • Talking keys


  • Resolution display: 320 * 240 QVGA
  • Colour display
  • Optional display modes for optimised for visually impaired users
  • Display size: 2.8″ – 58*43 mm
  • Handset size: 103.9*55.1*19.2 mm
  • Weight: 108g
  • Battery included: 800mAh-Li-ion
  • Talk time: up to 8 hours
  • Standby time: up to 380 hours
  • Universal charging solution
  • 3G
  • GSM: 900/1800/1900
  • Micro-SIM
  • Bluetooth

About Doro

Doro is a Swedish, world-leading organisation specialising in the development of innovative telecommunications equipment for the hard of hearing, visually impaired, and the elderly.


Technology is the single biggest enabler of people with sight loss. We only carry what we consider to be the very best products for people with sight loss. It is our mission to provide the right product to the right person.

Unlike for-profit retailers, we ensure that we provide the most appropriate, most helpful, most cost-effective solutions to our users. The small amount of profit made from sales is used to provide support for the life of the product, as well as extensive, high-quality pre-sale advise and support for all members of the sight loss community: their families, Teachers, Educators, Access Officers, Occupational Therapists, Employers and anyone that supports someone with sight loss.

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NCBI offers phone-based product training and support for all service users and their families for all purchases for the lifetime of the product.

If you wish to avail of free, comprehensive, impartial advice regarding your purchase, please contact us through our contact form, or call one of the following numbers:

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