Rehabilitative & Vocational Training Hub


NCBI want to offer a range of flexible training courses for people who have experienced a setback due to sight loss. Our goal is to provide personalised education, training and employment services in Limerick, Donegal and Dublin.

We plan to help our service users with transition programmes from school to the adult environment, offering access to:

  • Vocational training
  • Support with getting a job
  • Recovery and wellness
  • Improving people’s health
  • Enhancing quality of life
  • Successful inclusion in the community

Did you know?

The employment rate among those who are blind or vison impaired only stands at 24%. (Census 2016)

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The Challenges

NCBI has been providing training and support to students from its Training Centre in Dublin for many years. The challenge now is to offer the opportunity for people with a vision impairment to upskill and benefit from a tailored training programme in other communities outside of Dublin.

If NCBI do not act talented people would not have access to the opportunity to build the confidence and the networks and skills to take up employment and to live full and independent lives.

Photo of Alan Breathnach

“Training is the great leveller for all those in our community living with a disability. The ability to build knowledge, learn a skill and bridge the gap to employment or further educational attainment has the power to transform their lives.”

Alan Breathnach, NCBI Chief Services Officer

The Solution

NCBI seeks to develop training and education hubs in different locations offering personalised learning and employment plans to those living with sight loss, ensuring those who are most isolated feel connected and supported. These hubs would offer a mix of online and on-site training.

It is hoped that 200 students would benefit from these extended services annually. NCBI is looking to partner with organisations that have the same belief, understanding and vision that education, training, innovation and technology is a bridge to inclusion and should be available to all in the community

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How can you help?

NCBI would like to source the €50,000 required to fit out each of the two centres to the same standard as the Dublin facility. The funder will be given the opportunity to earmark their contribution to a specific aspect of the development such as fit out, equipment and technology.

Please contact InfoLine for more 1800 911 250