Sky Q Launches New Voice Guidance

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NCBI are delighted to announce that Sky Q boxes will soon receive an update which will greatly enhance its accessibility features allowing people with Visual Impairments greater access and control of their Sky Box.

  • High Contrast Mode
  • Voice Guidance

High Contrast Mode

A high Contrast mode can be selected which will make on screen menus and displays easier to read.

Voice Guidance

Voice Guidance is an internal Screen Reader which can be activated from the Sky Q menu or working in tandem with Sky Q’s Voice Control and existing accessibility features, Voice Guidance will make Sky Q will even more accessible. To start using it, simply say “Voice Guidance on” or “Voice Guidance Off” into your Sky Q Remote.

Once activated all menus and Electronic Program Guides (EPGs) will be read aloud by the screen reader allowing independent use of the Sky Q for people with Visual Impairments.

Kyran O’Mahoney NCBI’s Chief Technology Officer (CTO) said: “Sky’s continued focus on accessibility is massively welcome. The new Voice Guidance feature will make a real difference for users. Being able to access and browse content without the help of others is a huge step forward.”

These updates will begin to roll out to customers from Wednesday 31st March and will be available to all customers by the end of April.

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