Statement regarding the future of NCBI Dun Laoghaire Office.

“A positive meeting was held on Monday between the HSE (CHO6) and the NCBI to discuss the future of the NCBI Dun Laoghaire Office. It was agreed by both parties that NCBI’s service was much valued locally and that every effort should be made to continue with a local service to local people with sight loss.

The NCBI and the HSE are fully committed to continually reviewing the value for money of all HSE supported services and ensuring that the needs of people with sight loss are fully met either directly by the HSE or through contracted bodies such as NCBI.

NCBI will be opening a new purpose-built and fully accessible centre in Tallaght Cross, In January 2019.  This €800,000 investment funded solely by the NCBI through fundraised income thanks to the public’s generosity, will see the NCBI provide a greater level of service to people with sight loss across south Dublin and in neighbouring counties.  Our new Tallaght centre will act as our centre of excellence on the south side for all our staff and service delivery.

It has been agreed that NCBI would submit a revised proposal to CHO6 which will capture the growing need for services in Dún Laoghaire and the issues with the current provision and accessibility of services.

Following consultation with the HSE, the NCBI have agreed to revisit their decision on the future utilisation of the Dún Laoghaire Office facility and to implement highly effective service delivery there and across South Dublin. This approach will be kept under constant review to ensure that we are continually providing quality services to our users”.