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Your support is Vital, for over 90 years, people like you have helped NCBI make Ireland a better place for those who are blind or vision impaired.

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Don’t forget, if you are a taxpayer, a gift of €250 or more throughout the course of a year could be worth an extra 45% (€112) to NCBI – at no extra cost to you!

Laoise is pictured here with her parents Ian and Niamh along with Hilary Devlin, NCBI Eye Clinic Liaison Officer

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Laoise was born with the genetic condition Oculocutaneous albinism which affects the production of melanin which gives colour to skin, hair, and eyes. Laoise and her family do not let her vision impairment hold her back. She is a great friend and regularly meets other children who also have Albinism which is very important for peer support. Laoise is due to start 3rd class in September and enjoys school.