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Accessing our services

When you are referred to NCBI, you will be assigned to a Community Resource Worker (CRW) who will be your point of contact for all services you wish to avail of. Your CRW is an expert in activity analysis, environmental adaptation, assistive technology, maximising the use of residual vision, and comprehensive rehabilitation and will be an excellent resource for you on your journey with sight loss.

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Advice and Information

When you are referred to NCBI, your Community Resource Worker is available to give you advice and information from a practical and emotional perspective and can answer any questions you may have regarding your journey with sight loss. As well as this we have created resources online in order to provide a source of advice and information to the public.

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Emotional Supports

Adjusting and adapting your life as your vision deteriorates is difficult. Each individual’s journey with sight loss is different and NCBI is here to offer emotional support and counselling to help you through.

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Low Vision Solutions

Knowing how to maximise your residual vision with strategies and aids is really valuable to you and central to this is knowledge around light, size and colour contrast.

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Orientation and Mobility Solutions

Having the confidence to go out and about safely and independently is vital and NCBI can give you the skills to navigate and orientate in any environment.

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Communication Solutions

NCBI offers a range of aids and techniques to assist people who are blind or vision impaired to stay connected through magnification aids or digital solutions.

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Social Connection, Sports and Leisure

NCBI is there to help people who are blind or vision impaired to continue to play an active part in their local community, stay connected with friends or family and participate in sports and leisure activities.

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