Training & Rehab

Day-to-Day Rehabilitation with your Community Resource Worker

Your Community Resource Worker will work with you to create a Support Plan, where you can set goals around specific areas of difficulty for you. Your CRW can assist with rehabilitation after sight loss under three important areas of day-to-day function: Self-Care, Leisure and Productivity.

  • Self-Care: activities of daily living such as washing, dressing, and functional mobility
  • Leisure: a person’s interests and what they enjoy doing
  • Productivity: activities such as employment, home management, and meal preparation

Sight loss can be a traumatic change in a person’s life. By focusing on returning to the activities that are meaningful to you, NCBI can help to bring your quality of life back by assisting you during the adjustment to your new circumstances.

A blind man being guided how to cut carrots.

“I joined the Training Centre which was really valuable as I was finding it hard being out of work. So the Training Centre gave me the opportunity to try new things, get retrained and meet new people.”


National Training and Rehabilitation Centre

NCBI Training and Rehabilitation Centre is located on the NCBI Head Office campus on Whitworth Road, Drumcondra, Dublin 9.  The centre is focused on developing necessary skills sets to support entry into education and meaningful employment. NCBI runs The Learning for Life programme here.

The Learning for Life programme is a QQI (Quality and Qualifications Ireland) accredited course aimed at maximising the quality of life and independence of trainees in accordance with their own wishes. Core elements of the course include mobility, self advocacy skills, use of assistive and adaptive technology and daily living skills.

The programme aims to provide trainees with the skills, knowledge and attitude required to access further education and training. The course is free of charge and is open to people with a significant degree of sight loss. For more information please contact your Community Resource Worker or contact the Training Services Manager Jodie McGriele on Tel: 01 830 70 33 or email enquiries to