Here you’ll find guides that provide parents with information, advice and activity suggestions to help build essential skills and promote active engagement and social interactions within these new environments and with their new peers.

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Preparation for Primary School

Moving from preschool to primary school is one of the most significant life transitions a child will make in their early years. With the majority of a child’s learning taking place in the first 5 years, we want to ensure that the child and parents feel as prepared as they can be, with a range of compensatory skills to help ease this transition so the learning can continue.

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Life skills: Learning to access the world

ECC – Expanded Core Curriculum

This guide has been created as an aid to parents, teachers, and any other professionals working with children, to fill the gap in knowledge often missing when a child is in mainstream school with a vision impairment. The life skills guide which is officially regarded as The Expanded Core Curriculum for short, is a set of additional learning skills. These skills ensure students with vision impairment have the tools they need to access, stay up with, and fully participate in education. The information and life skills provided in the ECC resource will assist parents, teachers, and others in supporting children with vision impairment.

ECC Resource document


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What is the Expanded Core Curriculum?

Depending on what life stage a child or young person is at when receiving their diagnosis, our dedicated Children & Young Person’s team can assist. Simply call 1800 911 250 to find out more.

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