Talking Technology with NCBI Labs Episode 20 – Sight Tech Global 2022 Accessibility Conference, the Hailo app for use in public transport

Sight Tech Global in front of an image of an eye, and a man waiting a a bus stop with his guide dog. Talking Technology logo.

Episode 20

On the show this week we find out about Sight Tech Global 2022, a virtual, free, and highly accessible event on December 7 and 8 that convenes some of the world’s top experts working on inclusive tech, especially AI, for people who are blind or visually impaired. To find out more about what’s in store we are joined by Brian Fischler, comedian, podcaster, and host of this year’s Sight Tech Global conference.

Also the show we are joined by Santiago Velasquez who is the founder and CEO of technology start-up Hailo, a system that remotely alerts the bus driver when a person with vision impairment wants to board a bus. Santiago tells us about his plans for Hailo and also EyeSyght, which is a tactile visual display to help someone with a vision impairment access graphical content. Should you have any questions about either Hailo or EyeSyght you can contact Santiago through the following email addresses: /

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