Talking Technology with NCBI Labs Episode 7 – Learning Braille and Braille Music

Fingers above Braille dots on page.

Episode 7

In the modern inclusive teaching space, Braille is key to a vision impaired student’s reading and writing skills, enabling them to master the rules of spelling, punctuation, grammar in a script created for them to access text, mathematics, music, and other information. On the show this week we speak with several guests about their experience learning Braille and the empowering role it has played in their lives.

Did you know that Braille music was invented along with the literary braille code by Louis Braille, who was himself an accomplished musician? On the show we take a journey through the history, development, and uses of Braille music.

Finally, we learn how to type Braille directly on an iPhone or iPad screen without the need for a physical Braille keyboard.

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