Tandem Bike Donation

*image of Greg (Arbour Hill), Joe McKenna (NCBI) and Dave Walsh (Arbour Hill) with the donated red tandem bicycle

Yesterday, Officers C.O. Dave Walsh and W.T.O. Greg Flanagan from Arbour Hill Prison presented a fully rebuilt tandem bicycle to us here at the NCBI. The tandem was assembled from a donated frame and recycled bicycle parts and fully restored by prisoners as part of a rehabilitation and training programme located in Loughan House Prison.

The presentation was made to Joe McKenna of NCBI Foundation; ‘People with vision impairments often like to participate in our Cycle of Light and Trip to Tipp challenges and the availability of a bicycle such as this makes it possible for even more people to be included. We’d like to extend our thanks and congratulations to the staff and prisoners who produced such a wonderful result.’