Technology Podcast Episode 66: November 2017

This month:

  • Chris White our group CEO is here to tell Stuart about NCBI’s recently launched Bursary Scheme, to assist people with sight loss who may wish to explore higher education in Ireland.
  • We dip into your emails and phone comments, and tell you about an assistive technology exhibition of Braille and low vision equipment taking place in our Rehabilitation Training centre on November 15th.
  • Stuart is catching up with the current co-chair of the Accessibility Guidelines Working Group Josh O’Connor, from Interaccess, and we’re talking web accessibility and development of accessibility guidelines amongst other things.
  • Jackie McBrearty joins Stuart to talk about a new email list that she has created for users of iOS products, including iPhone, iPad, iPod and Apple Watch. You can subscribe to Jackie’s email list and join in the conversation!
  • Finally, Sharon Lyons is along to introduce us to the Google calendar.