Technology Podcast Episode 73: June 2018


This month:

  • Amie Hynes Fitzpatrick is with Stuart to talk about our podcast’s sixth birthday and we announce a special birthday competition and prize, thanks to our friends in Fujitsu Ireland.
  • Sharon Lyons is along to continue her alphabet shortcut series, this month, we’re learning how shortcuts for the letters G and H work.
  • Dave Nason is with Stuart to talk about a new iOS app called FlickType, which will no doubt make touch screen text entry way easier.
  • Finally, we catch up with Cormac Todd from Fujitsu Ireland and Amie Hynes Fitzpatrick from NCBI, to chat about the NCBI and Fujitsu Ireland charity partnership, Fujitsu Ireland’s open mic night on June 13th and, we finish with a song from Cormac himself!