Technology Tutorial: Attaching files to emails in Thunderbird

This tutorial has been written by our Technical Support Officer Paul Traynor.

  1. First type up your article in the normal way. If you are using office then write up the document and “Save it” into the documents folder on your computer.
  2. Now open up “Thunderbird”.
  3. When Thunderbird opens now open up a “new blank email”.
  4. Type in the “Email address” to whom the file is going to then type in a meaningful subject line before finally writing up a cover note in the body of the email.
  5. Now we are ready to attach the previously written file or any file you wish by going into the “Thunderbird file menu” and choosing “Attach sub menu”.
  6. From this sub menu choose, “Attach file”.

Tip: If you are a keyboard user then you can use keys, “Control + Shift + A” to begin attaching a file. This action will open up the “Attach file dialogue box”.

  1. When the attach file dialogue box opens up, you will see a list of your saved files which are contained in the “Documents folder” on your computer.

Notes: If using the keyboard to move to your existing list of saved files then press keys, “Shift + tab” three times till you land in the list of available files.

  1. Using the mouse, scroll down through this list of available files till you locate the one you want and “double click on it” to have it attach to the out-going email that you have just written up.

Notes: If using the keyboard then use the arrow keys to locate the file you wish to attach then press the “Enter key” once to have that file attached to the email.

  1. Once the file is attached to the email it is ready to send. Use the usual way you always send emails in Thunderbird to complete the process.

Notes: For keyboard users, use keys, “Control + F5” once to have the email send out. These keys are the usual way a keyboard user would send any emails from Thunderbird.


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