How to turn on Audio Description on your iPhone or iPad

Audio description button on iPhone enabled

In one of our recent Talking Technology Podcasts, we spoke about audio description. Did you know you can turn this on universally in settings as default to work on all apps that support the feature such as Netflix, Disney Plus, and Apple TV Plus?

Use Audio Description by Default

1. Go to Settings > Accessibility.
2. Tap Audio Description.
3. Turn on Audio Description.

If you do not want it on as default but want to access Audio descriptions occasionally then do the following

If the video that you’re watching includes audio description:
1. Start playing a video, while watching the video, double tap the screen to reveal the playback controls.
2. Tap the Media Selection button to open the Audio & Subtitles menu.
3. Choose the audio-described track that you want to use. For example, English audio description.

To hear more about audio description and how it is created listen we recommend you listen to Talking Technology Episode 14.