This tutorial has been written by our Technical Support Officer Paul Traynor.

To add an address from an in-coming email do the following;

From within your main “Inbox” open up the email from which you wish to save the email address into your existing list of contacts.

  1. When the email opens up, press the keys, “Shift + tab” a total of “4 times”.

Notes: You should hear your screen reader announce, “Add to address book button”.

  1. At this point press keys, “Shift + F10” which will open up a menu.
  2. Press the “Down arrow” till you come to the option of, “Add to contacts” and then press the “Enter key” once to complete the adding of the senders email address into your contacts list.
  3. Now to finish press keys, “Control + W” once to return you to your “Main Inbox” area.1. While in your main “Thunderbird inbox” press keys, “Control + Shift + B” once.3. When the address book has opened, now press keys, “Control + N” to have Thunderbird open up a “forms page” where you can now enter details of the person whose contact details you wish to have stored.*. First name.*. Display as.*. Nickname: edit.*. Additional Email: edit.*. Read only edit.*. Home Telephone: edit.*. Pager: edit.*. OK button.*. Add to: “Personal address book”.Notes: After having pressed on the “OK button” you will be placed back into your list of existing contacts.
  4. 6. To return to your “Main Inbox” now press keys, “Control + W” once.
  5. 5. Once you have inserted some or all of the information required in the above mentioned fields now “Tab key” to the “OK button” and press “Spacebar” once to complete that contact’s details and have them entered into your contacts list.
  6. *. Cancel button.
  7. *. Mobile: edit.
  8. *. Fax Number: edit.
  9. *. Work Telephone: edit.
  10. *. Chat name “Read only” link.
  11. *. Email: edit.
  12. *. Always prefer display name over message header, “Checkbox” checked.
  13. *. Last name.
  14. 4. The forms page will contain the following fields;
  15. Notes: This will open up the Mozilla Thunderbird” address book area where you can next add in a contact.
  16. In order to first open up and begin using an address book in Thunderbird, do the following: