This tutorial has been written by our Technical Support Officer Paul Traynor.

In this lesson we are going to log into our Bank of Ireland account using the following instructions.

First off when you sign up for a Bank of Ireland on-line access to accounts you will receive the following information:

*. 6 digit user ID number.

*. Two subsequent pieces of information based on the last four digits of your phone number and also your complete date of birth in numerical format.

*. Finally you will also be issued with a “6 digit numerical pin”.

Notes: As you make your way through the log-in process to your BOI accounts you will be asked for any three random digits from this PIN number. For example you may be asked to insert digits, “1, 3 and 6” of the six digit number.

Now let’s get started with accessing our current Bank of Ireland accounts page.

  1. Locate the Bank of Ireland log-in webpage.

Tip: I think it is a good idea to create a “Shortcut” to this web address on your main desktop so you will find it handy to locate when you need to.

The website address you should use as the source of your shortcut is as follows:


  1. When the BOI log-in page opens up you will be presented with the following requirements;

Important: Please take care when imputing any details you are asked for. If you make a mistake more than three times you will be locked out of your account and will need to contact Bank Of Ireland to unlock it again.

User ID edit box.

Notes: Enter the 6 digit ID that you would have received from Bank of Ireland at this point. Remember to type it in carefully and correctly.

*. After having typed in the correct user ID you will be automatically positioned into the next edit box which can be either requesting you to type in your “Date of birth” or the “Last four digits of your phone number”.

  1. Let’s assume for this example that it is looking for our “Date of birth”. We will proceed to type in that information in the following format;

Notes: When typing in this information you should only type in the bare numerical details and as you type in the details focus will move from day to month to year.

17 09 1970

Notes: Again, a reminder to be careful with what information you are typing in and that it is accurate as on file within the Banks records.

  1. Once the requested information has been inserted that being either your “Date of birth” or “Last four digits of your phone number” you will then find focus moved onto a “Continue link”. Pressing the “Enter key” once on this will move you into a new page where now some details from your “second 6 digit PIN” will be required. Three digits will be chosen at random from your 6 digits and you need to insert them correctly for to successfully enter your Bank of Ireland account page. For this example let’s say we are asked for the “1st, 4th and 6th digits” of the PIN We carefully need to insert this information. As we type in the 3 random digits we will be automatically moved to each of the edit box cells so we can input the digit required.

Notes: Once you have inserted the correct digits then again focus will be placed on a “Continue link” where you press the “Enter key” once and if all information has been correct you will find yourself on your main accounts page on the Bank of Ireland website.

Important: If you fail to insert the information correctly a total of three times you will find yourself locked out of your accounts. If this situation happens then you have to contact the Bank in order to have the account unlocked so you can access it again.