Tutorial: Adding a new contact in Microsoft Outlook

This tutorial has been written by our Technical Support Officer Paul Traynor and details the steps to add a contact to the “Outlook 2016” address book.

1. Open up Outlook into your Inbox.
2. To open the address book press keys, “Control + Shift + B” once. After a few seconds the address book window will open up.
Notes: When the Address book opens up you will be placed in a “Search edit box” where you can type in a name of a particular contact you are looking for should you wish to do so.
3. If you wish to move onto your main list of contact addresses then just press the “Tab key” once and you are now on the list of contacts you currently have in that address book.
Notes: Use your “Arrow keys” to move through the list of contacts.
4. To begin adding in a new contact we will now press keys, “Alt + F” and then press “Enter key” once on “New entry”.
Notes: When the new entry opens up there will be two choices;
*. New contact.
*. New contact group.
5. In this tutorial we will choose “New contact” by arrowing to it and then pressing the “Enter key” once.
6. The next screen that comes up will be a page filled with “Form fields” requiring various details. We are only going to be interested in the following form fields for our lesson;
*. Full name, “Edit box”.
*. Company, “Edit box”.
*. Job title, “Edit box”.
*. File as, “Edit box”.
*. Contact photo, “Button”.
*. Email, “Button”.
*. Email, “Button”.
*. Email address, “Edit box”.
*. Webpage address, “Edit box”.
*. IM Address, “Edit box”.

Phone Details:
*. Business, “Button.
*. Phone Number Type, “Button”.
*. Phone 1, “Edit box”.

*. Home, “Button”.
*. Phone Number Type, “Button”.
*. Phone 2, “Edit box”.

*. Business Fax, “Button”.
*. Phone Number Type, “Button”.
*. Phone 3, “Edit box”.

*. Mobile, “Button”.
*. Phone Number Type, “Button”.
*. Phone 4, “Link”.

*. Business, “Button”.
*. Address Types, “Button”.
*. Address.
*. This is the mailing address, “Checkbox”.

*. Notes, “Edit”.

Notes: You can move through the form fields mentioned above using the “Tab key” and for any buttons that you need to access just press the “Spacebar” once on them.
7. Now fill in the following “Form fields” only;
Notes: You can fill in as many or as little of the above form fields as you wish. For now we are just going to fill in the following.

*. Full name, “Edit box”.
*. Company, “Edit box”.
*. Job title, “Edit box”.
*. File as, “Edit box”.
*. Email address, “Edit box”.
Notes: Remember to use the “Tab key” to move through the above mentioned fields.
8. Once you have filled in the last of the above mentioned form fields which is the actual “Email address” you are now ready to save that contact into your address book. To do this just press keys, “Left alt + F4” once.
9. After pressing the “Left alt + F4” you will be asked if you wish to “Save” the contact details, press the “Tab key” till you are on the “Save button” and press “Spacebar” once to finish.
10. After having saved the new contact details you will be back in your main “Address book” and the newly added contact will be among all the other contacts.