Tutorial: Adding an address to your contacts from a previously received email in Microsoft Outlook

This tutorial has been written by our Technical Support Officer Paul Traynor, and explains how to create new contacts from previously received emails in Microsoft Outlook.

To add an email address to your contacts list perform the following steps;

1.Open the email from which you want to save the contact email address from.
2.With the email message opened up, press the keys, “Shift + tab” about “5 times” till you are on the “From field”.
Notes: The “From field” indicates where the message came from. This is the place we need to be in order to begin adding the sender’s address to our existing contacts list.
3.Now press your “Application key” once or if you don’t have an application key then use keys, “Shift + F10” which activates the same kind of menu we require.
4.From this menu, press the “Down arrow” till you are on the option of “Select all” and press the “Enter key” once.
Notes: You have now selected the person’s email address and prepared it to be added into your Outlook contacts.
5. Now once again repeat the opening of the “Application menu” using the keys just mentioned above and “Arrow down” till you come to “Add to Outlook contacts” then press the “Enter key” once to have the address added to your pre-existing contacts.
Notes: After pressing the enter key on “Add to outlook contacts” an additional outlook form will pop up which allows you to insert more refined details about the contact you are about to enter into your pre-existing list of contacts. Use the “Tab key” to move between the form fields and other elements such as buttons, list and combo boxes till you have satisfied yourself you have all required information filled in.
6.6. To complete press the “Tab key” till you reach the “Save button” and press “Spacebar” once to have the newly added information saved together with the contacts email address.