Tutorial: Attaching files to emails in Microsoft Outlook

This tutorial has been written by our Technical Support Officer Paul Traynor.

In this tutorial we will learn how to attach a file to an out-going email.

1. First write up the cover email which includes the person whom is getting the message and a suitable subject line.
2. While still in the message, press keys, “Left Alt + Letter N” which opens up the “Insert menu”.
3. Press the “Down arrow” once to where it says, “Attach file” and press the “Enter key” once. This opens up the open/attach file dialogue box and you will be now in the “Filename edit box”.
4. At this point, press the keys, “Shift + tab key” twice and this will or should land you in your documents folder.
5. Now use the arrow keys to move through the existing documents till you find the file you wish to attach and when you do find it, press the “Enter key” once.
Notes: At this point you are now back in the body of your pre-written email and are ready to send it off to its recipient.
6. To complete, press keys, “Left Alt + S” to begin sending off the message and its attachment.
Important: A word about sending email attachments. While sending a file within an email is a great idea and speeds up delivery of small files significantly it is not to be used to send large volumes of files at once. So sending things like books or groups of photos or other kind of files are not recommended. The reason for this is that sending large sized files other than say a few text letters or a few photos is fine, sending megabytes of files within a single email will only serve to block up your email system and maybe even that of the person you are sending the items too.