This tutorial has been written by our Technical Support Officer Paul Traynor.

To create a folder in Thunderbird do the following;

Open up “Thunderbird” to its normal “Inbox” view.

  1. Open up the “File menu” using keys, “Left alt + F”.
  2. Now arrow to “New submenu” and press the “Right arrow” once.
  3. Arrow down to “Folder” and press the “Enter key” once to begin creating your new folder.
  4. After having pressed “Enter key” from the previous step you will now be asked to give your new folder a “meaningful name”. Here type in a name for your new folder, you can call it anything you like.
  5. Once you have typed in the name you wish to give to your new folder, press the “Enter key” once and that’s it, you now have a new folder created within your existing “Inbox” main folder.

(Moving the email into the new folder)

These instructions tell you how to move the particular email you wish to save into your new folder;

Back in your main “Inbox” Arrow” to the particular email you wish to have saved for future reference.

  1. When on the email now press keys, “Left alt + M” to open the “Message menu” then press the “Letter M” once to begin the process of moving the email into the new folder.

Notes: You may hear your screen reader announce, “Recent”.

  1. Here you are asked to pick the folder that you wish to move the email into, at this point first arrow down to your Gmail account. You may be looking for an account name such as “MurphyJoe1955 submenu”.
  2. Once you have located this account, press the “Right arrow” once then “Down arrow” till you come to “Inbox” and press the “Right arrow” once.
  3. Now press the “Down arrow” again till you come to the name of the newly created folder and when on the folder, press the “Enter key” once to complete the move of the email previously selected into that folder.

Notes: If everything has gone correctly then the message you wanted to save should now be in the previously created folder and will no longer appear within the main “Inbox” of your Thunderbird email program. Likewise I would expect it to also have gone from the “Inbox” of your Gmail on the IPhone. If things have worked like this then instead of deleting any message I wanted for safekeeping the above process is what I would do instead.