Tutorial: Creating a custom view for Microsoft Outlook folders

This tutorial has been written by our Technical Support officer Paul Traynor and explains how to apply Custom Views To Outlook mail folders.

First create a custom view within one of the mailbox folders that you would like applied to the other mailboxes. The folder you choose could be your Inbox view which you feel suits your requirements.
Now follow the instructions below to apply that view.

1.While in the particular view such as your main “Inbox” from which you would like to apply to other mailboxes, press keys, “Alt + V, C, V, A”.
Notes: You could also press the “Up or down arrow” till you come to “apply current view to other mail folders” and press “Enter key” once in place of using the key combination mentioned above.
3. At this point you will be in the “Top most folder” of your mailboxes. Right arrow here and down arrow till you come to each of the “Mailboxes” that you wish to customise with the new view.
4. Once on any of the particular mailbox folders that you wish the view applied to, press the “Spacebar” to check that mailbox folder’s checkbox.
5. When you have checked all the mailbox folders that you want to apply the new view too, press “Tab key” to the “OK” button and press “Spacebar” once to complete.
Notes: Now all of your selected mailboxes will have this view applied to them and their emails which they receive.